THE 1960s

Sleeping in til noon

Is one of my favorite things I miss most about the 1960s

Sam, what's going wrong?

You are my favorite thing I miss most about the 1960s

Follow what I want

Is one of my favorite things I miss most about the 1960s

Here it comes again

It's often the same

(It all seems the same)

But whether I notice or not it's noticing me



Little blue room

Both of us in it

Holding on

Just for a minute

Just for awhile, you stayed

As out in the dawn they prayed

Like end of time

Opening doors

Hoping it's fine

If one is yours

If one is mine, please stay

Baby we could go insane

I followed you to Paris

Chefchaouen, New York City

Baby, let's go, I'm ready

Traveling well

Ashamed or important

Ringing my bell

Restoring order

I'm not afraid

Of getting it wrong

Think of how

We'll get it right

Little blue room

Both of us in it

Holding on

Just for a minute

Just for awhile



Cherry tree, oh, cherry tree

Won’t you make it the same?

When the wind blows to Washington

Washington, I say,


What beautiful machines that we have made

There is nothing in life to make it all the same

All the words said split between us into every day

Nothing now in life to move me now it’s gone away

Cherry tree, oh, cherry tree

Won’t you blow it my way?

When the wind blows to Oregon

Oregon, I pray,


And it’s so far, maybe I’ll reach it somehow, someday

Split the tree, then build the boat and never need to stay

Would a river give me something purposeful to say?

‘Til the sea would all surround me and take it away


Cherry tree, oh, cherry tree

Won’t you take mine away?

When the wind blows to




Do you love me baby like you used to do?

Do you love me baby like I still love you?

Mama mama mama take me back into your loving arms

Oh I need to feel you all around me when my love's at odds

Have you found somebody to call your own?

Have you found a fortune you can own?

Baby baby baby fill me in I really need to know

Thought I felt you passing by when I was watching where the saints are going


I love my baby, though she is far away

And I am frozen somewhere, thinking for today, I'm down

Whippoorwill, way up in the tree

Wishing that she's still watching over me

When I'm down

Ever had a friend makes it feel OK?

My baby's got it that way

If you're listening someplace far remote

Colorado, friend, or the Cape of Good Hope

Ithaca Gorge, by where my baby sleeps

They're talking

But talk is very cheap when you're down

Went up on the mountain

Far as my eyes could see

Lonesome blues from my baby

Man, and they sure found me

I'm caught between three ways

One is back

One is just knowing her

One is black

But if you're listening someplace far remote

Ikaria, friend, or on someone's sailing boat

Ithaca Gorge, gorgeous in the car

But walking, I know it's not that far when I'm down

We were new to making love

Silent was the day

Writing the generation song

And stayin' out the way

And it feels just like falling

When I hear myself say

I miss you and I wish you were here today

When I'm in the city, babe

Oh god where do I stay?



When you fade, fade away, will your ghost rearrange, will you still feel the same?

Down the line, come what may, do you leave it behind, or do you give it away?


Like from afar, I saw myself, at the edge, sayin are you real, in the air, or in my head?

‘Cause you sure feel like you’re playin a part, from waters part to holy Ark, from Brooklyn Bridge to the edge of my bed


There comes a time

Some kind some kind of spirit moves within me

I hope I’m ready


Better exorcise that ghost, boy

Better fill your life with the scenes you meant to see


When my fortune told, tells me, Son, your future’s bold, you’re the one, but who are you?

Satin dress, boots of gold, she calls to me, Boy, I’m at the top of the hill, and it’s getting cold

But if I change, when I change, will the ghost stay the same?


Years down the line

Will you still be happy just to know her?

Better dodge the demon host, girl

Better fill your life with the parts you meant to play


The fool says in his heart, “This Is No Nation”
It takes friends such as these to make such conversation
Can my trustin’ companions see me through the door?

Writin’ me letters I find sayin’ “Who and How For”?

I’ve gone out to find someone to notice
‘Cause when a person gets born, everybody gets nervous

Help me when I speak this, I want to go on

But you must drink up correctly if you want to get strong


Everything gone, woke up or followed

The national bard’s no use for Apollo

But someone could sing us a ballad like something is new

And someone could write us a rhyme and make it sound true


Seen the girl with the smile on her face

Telling me to count my blessings like I count my age

She helps herself, says she got nothing to lose

She fed me the line and I delivered the news


Though when I went home I could see nothing was new

Yellow grass around a white trim house like a zoo

And every day, from the maze to the sky

I’d spring like a myth from a child’s eye


Been having dreams where the girls line up side to side

Wearing signs saying “Everything Will Be Alright.”

And I don’t believe everything that I read

But free advice never looked so good to me


Yeah I been having twisted visions of a thing divine

Trapped inside another person waiting for a sign

A windowpane into a different machine

With the clean clean glass far as you can see


I’m thinking about the goddess in the suburbs

And all the things she’s gonna say

When I come knocking at her door



A broken heart, a broken heart can see

But my heart is free

It ain’t much, but it’s home

Out here with everything in bloom

But when your hair blows in your face

Weather’s turning strange

Pretty soon, all the light is fading

Everything’s gonna change

Air and fire turned, but water was waiting

Everything’s gonna change

But babe, your colors never fade

Heartfall, heartfall

A broken heart, a broken heart can see

But my heart is free

It ain’t much, but it’s home

Alive forever in the tomb

Storm the gates of paradise

As the Lethe overflows

Always knew that man would go down swinging

But he was singing as he cried

In the end, everything is not forgiven

Just look outside

Heartfall, heartfall

Babe, your colors never fade

Heartfall, heartfall

A broken heart, a broken heart can see


Help me to my hometown
There’s no wandering left in me today
And every road I did go down
Led me not but astray

I once knew you far away
Now I wonder that you’re not around
Wander I in my own way?
Stay in all that I found?

(I am traveling provinces

From provinces where daylight come in

And lay my spirit down before me)


Oh, I know I’m going home
When I see on my T.V.
All the lives I’ll never know
And the scorched earth beneath me

The signs posted on the walls
And the flags at half their height
Is this what you wanted
For the 4th of July?

Independence from my head
And I’ve flashed on something green

I love you

Even architecture falls
At least I enjoy the breeze

I love you

Oh, Boston to D.C.
And the roads were whispering
Am I famous to the road
Does it even notice me?

And you who are lying in my bed
Were you just on my T.V.?

And the sign, it says America
But I don’t know what’s beneath me


I know you were always facing westward
When you chased me down to Chester in the rain
I know another way to reach you
Each the palace or the prison, you remain

I could flee to Rome or Paris,
London like I’m Gallagher
But maybe I’d come home
Just to kiss my baby like I'm Little Chandler
And if I found some books upon my shelf, unopened
I’d throw them down upon some ground
And then I’d write some new ones

I’m trying to escape the picture frame
I know I wanted in
Nothing changed the time from coming
Nobody’s where I’ve been
I could stand for hours, listening
And watch the tongues of anyone
Who’s trying to tell me history

The king’s exiled over a thousand miles

And everyone is noticing
There’s little praise from him these days
But what’s a poor boy to sing?
Did I make you feel bad?
Well I guess I’m glad I can still make you feel something
I wake for flat and after that
It’s barely worth remembering


The first time I met old K. B.

It was 100 degrees and I woke up dreaming

That she really loved me

Think I got by on pomp and the sneaking sense

That we’s all working for the establishment

But that’s why she loved me

And I wouldn’t feel good

‘Cept I had a better place to go

Now I see her with the boys at the beach

And it’s nothing that I don’t know


Downtown, I put my nose to the ground,

I was going around, saying I hope she knows

That I’m thinking about her now

She got the hand on her hip and I hope it felt good   

‘Cause in a couple of years I’ll be gone for good       

But the light on her phone on her bed by her shoes                  

Just reminds me it’s mine to lose


But that’s ‘til she loves me


And I couldn’t feel it

All the nights when the lights were low   

Time was, I’d get up at noon

And hope the reason was inside the room

And I wouldn’t feel right

Not until I got second sight

Now I know there’s nothing left at the beach

Least until they turn off the lights


The first time I met old K. B.

It was 100 degrees and I woke up dreaming

That she really loved me


There are many types of people in life you’ve got to con

Using plain words or a-rhymin’

But the next time I get to choose who to put my best one over on

I’m gonna go con Paul Simon

Joni Mitchell nearly broke my heart

When she found out I’d been lyin’

And she drove me back out on the road

And sent a fast warning to Paul Simon


Now, the Wandering Ancient Chinese Flautist

Took to me more kindly

Than Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, or Brahms

Rachmaninov or Tchaikovsky

He said, “Young sir, do I take you right

That you go ‘round nickle and dimin’?”

I said, “Then you must see me more clear

Than ever did Paul Simon.”


You see, there are many types of people in life you’ve got to con

Using plain words or a-rhymin’

But the next time I got to choose who to put my best one over on

I’m gonna go con Paul Simon


Under the bridge I met Garfunkel

Under which he’d been hidin’

“I’ve got a scheme you’re gonna want to hear,”

And explained what I was tryin’

Then all the night ‘til dawn awoke

We sat there harmonizin’

But when I looked around, Artie was gone

And I still had to go con Paul Simon


There are many types of people in life you got to con

Some are named Lennon, Young, or Dylan

But the next time I get to choose who to put my best one over on

I’m gonna go con Paul Simon



When I’d wake I’d go to see you, darling            
Along the way seldom revealed
I’d find myself on the stretch of road again
Down by the old potter’s field

Did I see my name there along the earth?
Though I could never say for sure  
Seems plain to see, that’s all that’ll be left of me
All that I will be known for

And if it were a test of faith
Throw me down with the rest
I’m made of clay, no matter what I do
Lookin’ always for the rest

Love of mine, come with me, please
Did you notice me? Did you see my discoveries?


I could give you my one trick that’s for me
I could show you my one trick, but that’s for me
If you want to be in New York, that’s such a drag,
I’ll be in London
'Cause the tricks they’ve got are better to be seen

I’ve got to learn me some inner wisdom if I go
Yes, I’m gonna learn me some inner wisdom when I go
Perhaps when you least expect it,
The last thing that you protected
That’s the thing to watch completely, don’t you know

Before I go I’d like to see you, that’s for sure
Before I go I wanna see you, that’s for sure
I'm gonna recover my long-lost instincts for playing cards
And watching movies
So if you look up and see me someday, you won’t be bored
Yes, if you look up and see me someday, you won’t be bored


Reporter, call my phone

You’re holding onto smoke

The sky is like a blueprint for itself

These traitors eat the young on the borderline

By separating eyes

Didn’t see it on T.V.

Didn’t see it on the street

Where have our heroes gone?

Beto’s not the one

Babe, I know you want it, but it’s so

Wonder if he knows

I wonder if he knows

The feeling comes and goes

As he wanders on

In the ground, a stream

In the night, a dream

I’d like to roll along

The kingdom when it comes

All souls sing along

Time revealed

Like a wheel within a wheel

Nothing else real

Babylon adored

The serpent and the sword

Not a burning face was bored

Red white blue and ash

The rider free at last

The masters with a thousand masks

Reporter, did you ask?

These words of first and last

Go tell it to the past

Tell ’em all you saw

Tell ’em it was true



Remember then, jets flying over

The palace walls, the parade arrives

Nurses throwing flowers, saints were singing

“Carry Me to Gold,” scheming, scheming

Time's hungry ghost, oh wheel of roses

I've danced your halls, now set me free

Scheming, scheming, I watch the roses fall

They don't love me anymore



If the pipe dreams elevate you

And you just clear the gate

From the dark side of the well

They’ll be chanting your fate

And me, I should know

For I’ve slept with the dead

But my dreams are like the deep streams

Raging ‘round in my head

Zoroaster’s a disaster

Still the greatest of all time

Said, Better the blue devil

You danced with than mine

They’re extolling Eckhart Tolle

As if to say

You’ve suffered quite enough, sir

That's fine for today

Take the Lord’s name and a snake egg

And a moonbeam so bright

Deep into the forest

Where she’s dressed all in white

Take all you learned

Though it wasn’t enough

And if you don’t know what to do

With such powerful stuff

Then do like the tough do

When the going gets tough


Well, that big wheel keeps a-turning

And we’re down in the street

And the dogmas chase the karmas

Above the rows of bare feet

Dear friend, I miss you

But I hope you are free

Comminutions, institutions,

It don’t matter to me



These boards'll work fine

Fine as these walls

Wide enough to keep

Twice again as tall

'Cos when you came

These walls, they fell

Nothing now to keep

Myself to myself

These boards'll work fine

Fine as these walls

High enough to keep

Away it all



The things that you’ve said, I keep close to me

Mama, be proud of me

You know, the things you’ve said aren’t wrong

It’s just I had to go and see

What were these things you gave me

And which the right key

For to break me out


That old big brown snake, he’s looking at me

Mama, get him off me

He don’t even wanna hear my song

Do your charmers wisely charm?

But at night the servants flee

No I ain’t amused by this poison in my arm

When you pass away from me


The things that you’ve said that you’ve said, I keep noticing

It’s just like the song that I hear:

“I’m Born, Then I’m Wicked, I’m Free”
Once or twice, naked and thinking about you

But I always think it’s a dream

Yes once or twice, naked and thinking about you

Then it’s back to sleep


Time has been kind to me

Time has been kind to me

Time has been kind to me

Time has been kind

For if you missed the path

I’d send the ambassador to show you

Inside the final laugh

There’s really nothing isn't owed you

Far-ranging alphabet

Lost and looking each one of us around it

Awaiting accidental cycles and wheels to have found it

Oh what a world to see

Oh what a world to see



Everyone can see him

Like a nomad from a dream

Change himself completely

In a flash of something green

Remember back in art school

When she was always getting stoned

Shed say, “I have to go away to see

The surest things erode

I changed myself completely

Now Im different, so I'm told”

Once I saw it coming

To look me right in the eye

Like a line of cars approaching

Somebody had died

My friend was singing ‘Ego Death

Though this he planned to leave behind

“Miles, when youre ready,

You can follow me inside,

Do not fear me, do not fear me,”

But babe, I couldnt see you

Should have been a painter

I would paint 1,000 stones

And drop them in the river

To see the rainbow from your home



When the light comes up the hill

That's where you'll find me

On another shore, at another time

Maybe when we're older, baby, down the line

Oh, the promises we made

Think how happy we will be

When we both can see


And it rained

In they're marching two by two

What's a sailor boy to do?

Divine in me, divine in you

Happy just to make it shine

On another shore, at another time

Oh, the promises we made

Think how happy we will be

When we both can see



Vision, oh I want to have vision

Vision, oh I want to have vision

To see what's really there

In a room with no mirror

Vision, baby let me have vision

Just to see through the walls

Just to see you, that's all



Let your worries disappear

Let your worries disappear

Cry baby, don’t you cry

Calm down, just let the noise in

And after that, survive

I’m gonna get some even if it’s poison

For it's what's keeping me alive

Kept alive but on his own

Sand in the fire, it’s time for us to go

Lost my footing, left to drown

Thinking all about how I wish that I was up

But when I’m there, I wanna come back down

When I’m there, I wanna come back down

When I’m there, I wanna come back down

All I can see

The children waited ‘round all Indian summer

For their tall friend to reappear

The gifts that we brought with us were thrown into the fire

On the hottest day of the year

They sang, ‘Let your worries disappear’



I’m in love with her and she says she’s no lover
And all the boys I know are, too
And all the scenes I paid to watch are nearly over

I had her and nothing else to show
I said, Honey, you’re breaking my arm; could you please do that tomorrow?
I’ve been talking to the great I AM, making so many plans
That look so good on paper

She was thinking of home, making faces at the driveway
I’s thinking, Maybe she’ll notice me now, and nothing else will change
I’ve been keeping to the smaller roles, hoping to fill the holes
That I know get noticed

We would drive to pass the time and prove to all
And all the boys would follow, too
And all the times I would try not to call

We listened to her records
She said, Miles, I think I know you’re there, but I want to know you’re sorry
I was thinking about the Rolling Stones, so she picked up her phone
And said she wasn’t sorry

And I’ve got so many friends but no one’s calling
And the broken boys among them, too
And I could turn away to show my love I’m falling




Your clock is gonna stop

And I want you to know

All the years, let ’em go

24 passing by and they ain’t ’bout to slow


Soon, soon, theyre telling you

That shoe is gonna drop

So you better stay home


So the rice don’t burn

And the years don’t yearn

And the heart dont learn

So the Christ is crossed

And the secret's lost

And the flood tide returns

But the heart dont learn


But eyes opened wide can see

Soft in some distant night the memory

The grey ponies

You're holding her in your arms

Like you're married

Singing slowly

Hold me in your arms when we're 80

Hold me in your arms like a baby