Lyrical paradise . . . nothing short of genius.

The Seattle Spectator

Retitled Remastered could be the first sign that The Solars would, and then did, make it big.

digboston’s best ALBUMS of 2017


An immensely talented act [with] the musical fountain of youth at their disposal.


TREMENDOUS SONGWRITING . . . master musicians, masterful storytellers . . . well be remembering the solars for a very long time.

the revue

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The Solars are a Brooklyn-based collective led by award-winning songwriter and poet Miles Hewitt. A band of profound depth and balance, their work is as informed by folk tradition as cutting-edge studio trickery and a beyond-their-years pop sensibility.

While studying poetry at Harvard, Hewitt assembled lineups of The Solars that performed for packed rooms from Montreal to New York and Seattle to San Francisco. In their former hometown of Boston, the six-piece headlined O’Brien’s, The Middle East Upstairs, Sonia, and untold basement happenings.

The collective’s statement of this early period, their self-recorded debut Retitled Remastered, was named one of the Best Albums of 2017 by Boston’s alt-weekly DigBoston. The EP’s mythical sprawl — from the labyrinthine suburbs of Hewitt's hometown outside Portland, Oregon to the wild unknowns of the American imaginary — introduced the vision of an unswervingly original and ambitious artist.

After graduating from Harvard in 2018, where his poetry thesis The Candle is Forever Learning to Sing won the David McCord prize for unusual creative talent and the Lloyd McKim Garrison prize for best poem by an undergraduate, Hewitt embarked on a two-month solo tour across the United States and Europe, linking up along the way with Nashville alt-folk duo Anne Malin and Philly producer Joseph Jason Miller.

Hewitt spent 2018-2019 in the woods of western Massachusetts writing The Solars’ debut full-length, slated for 2020. He now lives, records, and performs in Brooklyn with a variety of friends and collaborators.